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Uniform Training and Testing

Uniform Training and Testing TABB’s training standards came in for particular scrutiny by ANSI. “They wanted to see that we carry through on our testing protocols,” explained Jim Page of the International Training Institute, the educational arm for TABB. ANSI wanted to verify that training standards, instrumentation and methods are uniform nationwide for TABB-certified personnel. Page, who is the TABB specialist for ITI, said all training is set to industry performance standards. “It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, the TABB technician’s job is to determine that the equipment is operating within the performance parameters that the industry has set.” To maintain that uniformity, TABB training takes place in 165 Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers around the nation. Certification testing— which consists of a five-hour written examination followed by a two-day hands-on test—is performed in TABB Certification Laboratories around the country. ITI currently has nine certified testing labs in operation. An additional four are ready and awaiting certification, and six more are under construction.


Taken from TABB Talk No. 30