Arizona System Analysis Professionals, LLC

The Value Chain

 The Institute’s accreditation program is driven by a process of continual improvement and responsiveness to evolving user needs. Along the value chain, ANSI approval helps build public confidence in the services—and the professionals who deliver them—in dozens of important fields, from construction and engineering to energy and financial services. ANSI-certified professional organizations operate in medicine, food safety, health care, information technology, manufacturing, skilled trades, professional services and security. Roy Ringwood, business manager for SMWIA Local 105 in Los Angeles and a member of the International Certification Board (ICB), said ANSI certification “is just another example of the professionalism and expertise provided to the HVAC industry through our partnership. SMACNA contractors continue to expand on their reputation as the ‘go to’ source for all services for, and related to, the HVAC industry.” SMACNA and SMWIA “have always been the standard setting organizations in the industry. ANSI’s certification affirms what we’ve always known.” Michael Mamayek, of Illingworth in Milwaukee, is also a member of the ICB/ TABB. He applauded the ANSI accreditation. “It will do good things for the marketability of our signatory contractors. It gives us a distinction that consumers understand.”

Taken from TABB Talk No. 30