Arizona System Analysis Professionals, LLC

Meeting the Industry’s needs

 “The industry is demanding this kind of quality. As the only testing and balancing agency with ANSI accreditation we’re a step ahead,” Page noted, adding: “We’re not trying to replace other bureaus. Contractors can keep their affiliations with the others and they can come in with us and become a SMACNA signatory as well. We’re offering contractors a place to send their people for accredited training.” Testing the competence of technicians is another crucial element of TABB’s accreditation. “ANSI had to be satisfied that our testing methods addressed real world situations,” Page said. Setting up a hands-on testing session requires lots of preparation. Lab time is scheduled. Candidates are brought in. Proctors are hired to administer the test. “We have to document the tasks we assign and demonstrate how those tasks fit in with the competence necessary. If test scores are consistently too high in one area, we’re not being tough enough. If test scores are consistently too low, we’re being too tough. ANSI’s involvement will help us stay on top of the training pro- cess,” said Page.


Taken from TABB Talk No. 30